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What Is the Adoption Tax Credit?

If you choose to adopt a child, you may be eligible for a valuable tax credit for adoption expenses including fees, legal costs, travel, and more.

Better Late Than Never: Filing Late Tax Returns

Taxpayers should file late tax returns as soon as possible even if they have missed the deadline or need to file returns from previous years. The sooner you file, the less you will owe in the long run.

Planning for Retirement? Keep Taxes on Your Mind

If you're planning for retirement, you should start thinking about tax planning as well!

Medically Necessary Home Modifications May Be Tax Deductible

Home modifications made to accommodate an ill, disabled, or elderly person may be tax deductible.

Business Professionals, Take Advantage of Occupational Tax Deductions!

Business-related expenses may be tax deductible. Make sure you understand the rules and fine print so you can take advantage of these money-saving tax deductions.

What Do Tax Code Changes Mean for You in 2018?

Changes to tax brackets and standard deduction amounts could spell big changes for your financial future this year and beyond.

Tax Deductions for Medically Necessary Home Improvements

Maximize your tax benefits by deducting the cost of medically necessary home improvements.

Taking a Home Office Deduction Could Be Simpler Than You Think!

Deducting expenses related to maintaining a home office can be complicated. If you don't want to itemize those expenses, you now have the option of taking a standardized deduction of $5 per square foot.

Reporting Tip Income Has Major Benefits

Don't exclude your tip income on your taxes. Find out why you should report it to reap both long- and short-term benefits!

Learn About Limitations on Deducting Charitable Contributions on Your Tax Return

Find out more about caps on your deductions by reading our full blog post!

Medical Expenses for Your Dependents

Did you know that you may be able to deduct eligible medical expenses for your dependents?

How to Handle an IRS Notice

You opened the mailbox to find a notice from the IRS. Now what?

What Is "Fair Market Value"?

Keep reading to learn about this tax term and how it could apply to your return.

Casualty Losses and Your Tax Return

Learn about tax deductions for losses related to floods, fires, and other disasters.

The Tax Benefits of Roth IRA Retirement Accounts

Roth IRA accounts enable you to take tax-free distributions.

What Is the Standard Mileage Rate for 2016?

There are actually three different standard mileage rates for 2016. Keep reading to learn more!

Can I Deduct Home Mortgage Interest?

A home mortgage interest deduction can help lower your tax liability!

Don't Let Payroll Tax Problems Close Your Company's Doors

Failing to deposit your business's payroll taxes can result in serious tax problems!

What Are Itemized Deductions?

Itemizing your deductions can help reduce your taxable income!

What Happens If I Don't File My Tax Return?

Whether you owe tax or the IRS owes you a refund, it's always best to file your tax return on time.

Why Is the IRS Auditing Your Tax Return?

We’ll tailor our audit defense based on the reason for your IRS audit.

Secure Relief From a Former Spouse's Tax Debt

Stuck with tax bills from your divorced spouse? We have options for tax relief!

When Are You Required to Amend Your Tax Return?

The tax authorities expect you to correct tax return mistakes promptly.

Find Out If Your Volunteer Work Qualifies You for Tax Deductions

Paying out of your pocket as a charitable volunteer? You may be eligible for tax breaks.

Education Tax Credits Are Worth Learning About

Offset some of your college expenses with education tax credits.

Negotiating an Installment Agreement With the IRS

Breaking your total tax debt into smaller payments can ease your financial burden.

Tax Credits Versus Tax Deductions

Credits and deductions both reduce your tax liability. But do you know the difference?

If You're Struggling Under IRS Wage Garnishment, Call Our Pros

Wage garnishment can lead to financial hardship. We can help you move forward.

Wondering About the Status of Your Tax Refund?

The IRS allows you to check up on your tax refund on its website.

What Is an Offer in Compromise Tax Settlement?

Offers in compromise are among the most coveted tax settlements. Here's what you need to know.

Deductions: "Above" and "Below" the Line

We explain the difference between above-the-line and below-the-line tax deductions.

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